DEARBORN, MI – When the all-new Lincoln crossover utility vehicle goes on sale in fall 2006, it will feature adaptive front lighting. The crossover’s lighting system features halogen projector-beam headlamps, mounted in a cage that pivots from left to right. Based on vehicle speed and steering wheel angle, an electric motor swivels the cage, shifting the light pattern as much as 11 meters left or right in a curve. The upcoming Lincoln concept features the next generation of adaptive lighting, which includes sequential LED lighting. The system senses when the vehicle is approaching a curve and directs the row of LEDs to switch on sequentially. As the vehicle turns, the LEDs illuminate at a rate and intensity determined by the degree and speed of the turn. Electronic sensors analyze inputs from the steering wheel and the vehicle speed to determine how and when to illuminate the LEDs. The LEDs automatically switch off when the road straightens out. Meanwhile, the main beam continues to illuminate the overall road.

Originally posted on Fleet Financials