MESA, Ariz. --- The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has confirmed that AFV Solutions’ gasoline/propane bifuel conversion system, developed for the model-year 2003 Ford 4.6-liter engine, meets required federal standards. AFV Solutions announced this month that the EPA issued a certificate of conformity for the system. The product allows a vehicle to operate on either gasoline or propane with a flip of a switch. The AFV Solutions system is the only EPA-certified propane bifuel system now available in the U.S. market for the 2003 Ford 4.6-liter engine. It will be sold as a conversion system for installment on the Ford Crown Victoria, Crown Victoria Police, Lincoln Town Car and Mercury Grand Marquis automobiles. "We chose this Ford engine family for our initial system because the 4.6-liter-equipped Crown Victoria is the fleet vehicle of choice for law-enforcement agencies, taxi services, and state and federal government agencies throughout the United States,” said AFVS President Jeff Groscost. “Fleet operators that retrofit with our system and purchase bulk propane can substantially reduce their fuel costs, often by up to 40 percent, while increasing their vehicles’ longevity and reducing maintenance costs.” Groscost also noted that the company is finalizing gasoline/propane bifuel systems for model-year 2004 and 2005 Ford 4.6-liter engines, and expects EPA certification of these systems in a couple months. AFV Solutions Inc. is an energy company with a focus on alternative-fuel transportation.

Originally posted on Fleet Financials