WASHINGTON D.C. -- The U.S. average retail price for regular gasoline dropped by 0.7 cent to 214.7 cents per gallon, falling for the ninth week in a row, according to the Energy Department's Energy Information Administration (EIA). This price was the lowest since June 13, but still 23.6 cents higher than the same period last year. Prices varied throughout the nation, with the Midwest seeing an increase of 6.4 cents to 211.8 cents per gallon. The West Coast saw the largest decrease of 7.1 cents to 231.8 cents per gallon -- the highest regional price in the country, the EIA said. California prices fell 7.7 cents to 233.5 cents per gallon. East Coast prices decreased by 2.7 cents to 212.5 cents per gallon, but New England prices rose 0.4 cent to 211.1 cents per gallon. Retail diesel fuel prices fell 5.4 cents to reach 242.5 cents per gallon, the lowest price since Aug. 8, the EIA reported. Prices dropped throughout the country, with the Rocky Mountains seeing the largest regional decrease of 12.0 cents to 247.1 cents per gallon. Midwest prices fell 5.2 cents to 239.0 cents per gallon, the lowest regional price in the nation. West Coast prices, the highest in the country, averaged 253.8 cents per gallon after falling 7.9 cents, the EIA said.

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