RICHMOND, B.C. – Graymont, a North American-based industrial minerals producer, has implemented a company-wide policy to reduce the emissions profile of its 70-unit corporate vehicle fleet, using a minimum a 26 miles per U.S. gallon fuel efficiency standard. Graymont chose Enterprise Fleet Services, a full-service fleet management company for businesses with mid-size fleets, to partner in launching a program to acquire fuel-efficient vehicles and administer the program for the company's U.S. fleet. The fuel efficiency policy is part of a corporate commitment to long-term sustainable growth through responsible environmental, workplace, and operating practices. According to Rob Van Nus, Graymont VP of human resources, Graymont based the 26-mpg standard on the Fuel Economy Guide published by the U.S. Department of Energy and U.S. Of-fice of Energy Efficiency. The company will review fuel efficiency standards as technologies im-prove. Authorized vehicles within Graymont's fleet include full hybrid, mild hybrid, and diesel, with models such as Honda's Civic and Accord hybrids, Toyota Prius hybrid, Volkswagen's Jetta TDI, Ford Escape hybrid, and Toyota Highlander hybrid. The authorized vehicle list will change as new high-efficiency vehicles come onto the market. Hybrid vehicles are powered by an internal combustion engine along with a battery powered electric motor, resulting in increased fuel economy and significantly reduced emissions com-pared to conventional vehicles. During the first four months of working with Enterprise, Graymont acquired approximately eight vehicles and plans to phase in another 10 vehicles in the U.S. by late 2006. The company plans to meet or exceed its fleet fuel efficiency standards by April 2009.

Originally posted on Fleet Financials