MADISON, Wis. --- Wisconsin Gov. Jim Doyle announced that the state's newest E85 (ethanol blend) fueling station will open in Eau Claire with the help of a $20,000 state grant to ACE Ethanol. The company is using the grant to help open four additional E85 stations in the state. E85 is a blend of 85 percent ethanol and 15 percent gasoline. The alternative fuel can be used by many popular vehicle models from manufacturers such as Daimler Chrysler, Ford, General Motors, Isuzu, Lincoln, Mazda, Mercedes, Mercury and Nissan. "High gasoline prices are not going to go away until we focus more of our attention on the opportunities we have here in the Midwest, rather than on the interests of big oil in the Middle East," Gov. Doyle said. "Ethanol is a clean-burning fuel that can help lower prices at the pump for Wisconsin consumers and open up new markets for Wisconsin farmers. That's why my administration is committed to supporting ethanol and other biofuel projects that are growing our economy and providing Wisconsin with a renewable alternative." Ethanol is produced from grain such as corn, or agricultural waste. The use of E85 fuel as a fuel for motor vehicles reduces tailpipe emissions and helps reduce greenhouse gases since it contributes no net carbon dioxide to the atmosphere. In the past, limited availability of E85 refueling stations hampered efforts to increase the fuel's use, despite the growing numbers of E85 Flexible Fuel Vehicles on Wisconsin's roads. "With approximately 90,500 registered flexible fuel vehicles on Wisconsin's roadways, it is clear that we need to expand the availability of this alternative fuel option," Gov. Doyle said. "By focusing on expanding access to E85 and other ethanol blends, we are not only helping Wisconsin farmers and the environment; we are also helping our economy by decreasing our dependence on foreign oil." Under the Governor Doyle's direction, Wisconsin has taken steps to create public-private partnerships aimed at developing E85 infrastructure in Wisconsin. Already, the Ethanol Refueling Project has provided $100,000 to help build infrastructure for public-access E85 fueling stations. The goal is to establish 15 to 20 publicly accessible E85 stations near ethanol plants, and one E85 metering system that will be used to blend E85 fuel at a local plant. The project participants chosen to take part in this effort include ACE Ethanol, Badger State Ethanol, United Wisconsin Grain Producers (UWGP), Utica Energy, and Kwik Trip. "Increasing the market demand of ethanol through the use of E85 in Wisconsin will benefit corn-growing farmers and keep the corn use in state," added Bob Oleson, executive cirector of the Wisconsin Corn Promotion Board.

Originally posted on Fleet Financials