ATHENS, Ga. -- Researchers at the University of Georgia and the University of California, Santa Cruz, have secured $1.35 million in U.S. Energy Department grants to develop hydrogen fuel cell technologies. Specifically, researchers will explore how the use of nanostructures may lead to more efficient hydrogen production and storage. Yiping Zhao, assistant professor in the department of physics and astronomy at UGA, is the principal investigator on the hydrogen storage aspect of the multi-institution project. The grants cover two distinct projects based on nanoscale materials --- one is for generating a solar cell device to produce hydrogen and one is for safely storing the hydrogen. Both projects depend on the materials to be designed and fabricated by Zhao at UGA. The materials will then be characterized and tested by Jin Zhang at UCSC. The grants are among 70 hydrogen research projects funded through a $64 million Energy Department initiative aimed at making vehicles powered by hydrogen fuel cells available, practical and affordable to American consumers by 2020.

Originally posted on Fleet Financials