TZIPORIT, ISRAEL – In a recent study involving driving instructors from a large Canadian driving school, it was shown that the FleetFit assessment can be used as an accident predictor. Using the FleetFit software, CogniFit gathered assessment data from 168 driving instructors. In addition, information was provided regarding the instructor's involvement in car accidents. (The car accident information refers only to accidents caused by the driver, excluding accidents caused by another person.) According to CogniFit, based upon the data gathered, the FleetFit software was shown to be an accurate tool to predict involvement in car accidents.

  • Out of 29 instructors who were involved in car accidents, the FleetFit assessment classified 26 correctly - 89.7% accuracy.
  • Out of 139 instructors not involved in car accidents, the FleetFit assessment classified 122 correctly - 87.8% accuracy.

    CogniFit added that had the instructors been selected on the basis of FleetFit assessment, all but three accidents could have been prevented. CogniFit Ltd. is a privately owned Israeli company founded in 1999 by Prof. Shlomo Breznitz. The company uses its U.S.-patented, scientifically validated technology to develop computer programs to assess and train cognitive skills.

  • Originally posted on Fleet Financials