DETROIT – General Motors Corp. recently demonstrated a fleet of cars featuring vehicle-to-vehicle (V2V) communication-capabilities, according to the Telematics Journal. With V2V, a vehicle can detect the position and movement of other vehicles up to a quarter of a mile away. Using V2V communication, the vehicle alerts the driver to vehicles in blind spots with a steady amber light in the side mirror. If the turn signal is activated, a flashing amber light and gentle seat vibration on the side notifies the driver of a potentially dangerous situation. In addition, GM’s V2V technology can warn the driver when vehicles ahead, regardless of lane, are stopped or traveling much slower or any vehicle ahead brakes hard, allowing the driver to brake or change lanes as needed. It also can use rear lights to warn the other driver when the approaching vehicle is moving very quickly and a rear-end collision is imminent.

Originally posted on Fleet Financials