HARRISBURG, Pa. -- The state of Pennsylvania opened a biofuels injection facility in Middletown, Pa., last Friday -- part of the state's strategy to reduce dependence on foreign oil. The plant will replace 3.2 million gallons of foreign oil with domestically produced biodiesel. It will also keep about $6 million worth of energy dollars in the commonwealth by reducing the state's need to purchase imported fuels. "We cannot afford to wait for the federal government to establish a policy that supports our businesses and reduces our dependence on foreign oil," said Gov. Edward G. Rendell. "We are acting now to solve our energy problem and keep tens of millions of dollars here that might otherwise go to import foreign oils." The project is a joint venture of Petroleum Products Corp., Worley & Obetz and Independence Biofuels Inc. The injection facility lets any company that fuels its vehicles at the terminal to blend diesel fuel, or heating oil, at a variable rate with biofuel -- all at the touch of a button. A computer allows customers to pull up to a terminal and dial-in the specific proportion of biodiesel their vehicles require.

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