MOUNTAIN VIEW, CA – Rosum Corp., a position location technology company, has received the Frost & Sullivan 2006 IP Communication Market Enabling Technology of the Year Award. The award recognizes Rosum's TV-GPS positioning technology as a solution to an important public safety issue - Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) E911 - and particularly in resolving the location of nomadic VoIP E911 callers. Rosum's TV-GPS positioning system utilizes unmodified broadcast TV signals for position loca-tion. There are 2,800 TV transmitters and 4,500 TV transmitters in the United States alone, and they are well correlated with population centers where broadband use – and therefore VoIP telephony use – is highest. Rosum designs and manufactures the chipset, software, and infrastructure components of its TV-GPS system. Rosum also has developed a local-area TV-GPS technology that is portable and deployable for supporting first responder police, fire, and rescue personnel. “Rosum's technology has numerous applications, but VoIP E911 services seem to be one of the most immediate opportunities for its implementation,” said Frost & Sullivan analyst Elka Popova. “We believe that Rosum can provide a reliable alternative to existing E911 solutions and get the industry closer to resolving the issue of public safety, which is of major concern to regulatory bodies, service providers, vendors and end users alike.” According to Frost & Sullivan, Rosum excelled compared to competitive offerings based on the following criteria:

  • Value of the new technology in developing solutions that deliver greater benefits to end users.
  • Potential of the technology to become an industry standard.
  • Impact of the technology on market participants and their business strategies.
  • Recognition by industry participants as to the leadership of the company in this technology.
  • Capabilities of the company to deliver this technology to the market as an innovator.
  • Dissemination of information of benefits, and potential to the end users for quick acceptance by the market.
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