OTTAWA, CANADA – Netistix Technologies has been chosen to be the lead organization in a consortium of public and private organizations developing a low-cost consumer vehicle monitoring and information system. The primary drivers are the environmental benefits of lower greenhouse gas emissions and cleaner air through reduced vehicle emissions. The project objective is the development of a telematics product that will assist with the reduction of emissions, fuel and lifecycle costs, while improving vehicle reliability and safety. Vehicle information will automatically be downloaded using WiFi technology when participant vehicles drive near select Petro-Canada Certigard locations. Similar to the Netistix commercial fleet solution, which is in use by a number of privately and publicly owned fleets in Canada; the consumer version of the product will collect data on driving habits, engine performance, idling time, and other related data. Other vehicle owner benefits would include lower fuel consumption, with reduced idling and lower repair costs, by identifying small problems before they could necessitate larger, more expensive repairs. The project has received preliminary approval for funding from Sustainable Development Technology Canada (SDTC), a not-for-profit foundation created by the Government of Canada that supports the development and demonstration of clean technologies. The project size, including industry-partner contributions, totals $1.4 million (Cdn) and is expected to take 18 months to complete. “Our primary target has been larger fleets of vehicles and we developed the product with that mar-ket in mind. This is a complementary project leveraging our existing technology, which will allow us to move forward with developing a more compact version of the product. This solution will unlock the value in being environmentally responsible with reduced fuel expenses for consumers,” said Gord Echlin, CEO of Netistix Technologies. “The implications are vast for this model of widely dispersed and conveniently located vehicle download points of presence such as Certigard stations. Other related transportation industry participants such as insurance companies, auto clubs and repair organizations could use this model as a customer relationship management tool to increase revenues and customer loyalty,” said John Woronczuk, VP of Marketing and Sales for Netistix. In addition to Netistix Technologies, the consortium members include the Automotive Industries Association of Canada, Carleton University, Jacques Whitford and Petro-Canada Certigard.

Originally posted on Fleet Financials