BOULDER CITY, NV – Amerityre Corp. has completed the developmental phase of its non-pneumatic [no-air] temporary/spare passenger car tire and is now in the process of delivering production quality prototype tires to the automotive industry for additional testing and evaluation. The tires have successfully undergone FMVSS testing and can carry loads up to 2,000 lbs. per tire. “The automotive industry evaluation phase is the next important step towards commercializing this technology. We now have a product that can cover the entire range of small to full size automobiles,” according to Richard Steinke, Amerityre’s president and CEO. “We’ve had discussions with several interested car companies and they have been anxiously waiting for samples. They will begin qualifying the tires as original equipment temporary/spare tires right away.” Amerityre believes the tires will provide car owners with a safer, more reliable temporary/spare tire, in large part because they don’t require air and can never go flat. “Car owners need this tire and one of our objectives is to have the tire ready to commercialize within the next few months,” Steinke said. “Beginning automotive industry testing of the tires puts us in line to accomplish this goal. Assuming the evaluations are satisfactory, we will either manufacture production tires ourselves or license others with the manufacturing rights,” he added. Amerityre is also actively engaged in the development of new technologies used to produce polyurethane elastomer tires for highway applications. The company said it would treat tires with a polyurethane elastomer tread compound that has been tested successfully in passenger car tires. It said it believed the process was a natural fit for medium-duty commercial truck tires used by over-the-road truck fleets.

Originally posted on Fleet Financials