NORTHBROOK, IL – Donlen’s FleetWeb Fuel Reporting Suite gives customers a new set of reports that provide an instant snapshot of fuel costs throughout their fleet. Since its launch, the Suite has already made a difference for customers. "We have a customer who was able to identify an instance of driver abuse and take immediate action," said Pat Mazzone, regional vice president of client relations. "And another who's CFO checks the Fuel Reporting Suite almost daily. The customers I've spoken to really appreciate the broad power and ease of use of these reports." As prices at the pump remain high with no signs of immediate relief, "fleet managers need to have an effective way to monitor fuel usage exceptions at their fingertips," according to Dave Lodding, senior vice president of Donlen Fleet Management Services. "Combined with our other fuel management tools and customer consultation, this new Suite takes that reporting to the level needed with today's price pressures." Donlen MasterCard’s information is recorded in FleetWeb for each fuel purchase. Fleet managers can also take advantage of Donlen's automated PUSH e-mail technology to communicate exceptions identified by the system. Lodding also pointed out that a preventive maintenance program, such as Donlen's SafeCare, helps fleets keep costs under control. The new Suite allows fleet managers to closely watch fuel purchases and consumption throughout the fleet, and ties in closely to existing FleetWeb data for a comprehensive view of operating costs.

Originally posted on Fleet Financials