CLEVELAND - Fleet Response, an accident management and maintenance services provider, offers a variety of direct salvage and recovery services to fleets damaged by Hurricane Katrina. Through a partnership with a Georgia salvage company, Fleet Response will help fleet managers locate vehicles and heavy equipment throughout the flooded regions of Mississippi, Louisiana, and Alabama. The program provides car carriers and heavy equipment haulers to transport company property to a safe location. Once in the secured area, estimates, photos, and condition reports are sent to corporate headquarters with a recommendation to repair or salvage the vehicle. “We are helping fleets avoid excessive fees, making tows and storage services available and recovering lost company dollars,” said Scott Mawaka, Executive Vice President. “By moving fleet vehicles to these locations, companies will have full control of their fleets and save the vehicles from mass salvage and clean up efforts.” Fleet Response’s salvage partner has secured a permit to enter the flooded areas, allowing fleet managers to determine how to handle each vehicle and piece of equipment. Through this partner-ship, Fleet Response provides towing services for $60-$125 and makes storage facilities readily available. Local contacts in Louisiana have reported vehicle tows to cost between $450 and $500 per vehicle. Fleet Response also donated through NAFA to the American Red Cross Disaster Relief Fund to assist in Hurricane Katrina Recovery efforts.

Originally posted on Fleet Financials