SPARKS, MD – PHH Arval has introduced PHH Preventive Maintenance Notification, a new Web-based service designed to inform fleet drivers of scheduled maintenance needs on their vehicles. This application will help clients who use PHH’s Vehicle Maintenance Assistance program ensure better communication with drivers and enforce preventive maintenance schedules. Drivers receive advance notifications via e-mail about maintenance that needs to be performed on their vehicles. If a second notice does not receive a response from the driver, the system escalates to send the fleet manager a delinquency notice. PHH case managers consult with each client to customize the PM Notification service to fit their specific maintenance policies and schedules; the system is flexible enough to allow a custom-designed schedule for every vehicle, if needed. Comprehensive reporting, available online through PHH InterActive, helps determine compliance with the PM program and review upcoming maintenance needs. For truck fleets, which have legal and regulatory requirements around vehicle maintenance, PHH’s new service enables precise scheduling and reporting. Annual Department of Transportation or Transport Canada inspection requirements can also be included. “Fleet managers know the value of preventive maintenance, and coupon programs have been around a long time,” says Arnie Barnes, director of PHH’s Vehicle Maintenance Assistance program. “Now, with PM Notification, we’ve taken the next great step in using technology to make it easier to ensure compliance. Our ability to customize the service and be proactive with drivers will help fleet managers improve vehicle lifecycle costs and driver productivity.”

Originally posted on Fleet Financials