SAN DIEGO, CA — DriveCam, Inc. has announced the upcoming schedule for the DriveCam Academy, a one-day course that provides advanced training on preventing collisions and reducing risk through the use of the DriveCam system. Upcoming courses will be offered on Nov. 10, 2005, in Dallas; Jan. 19, 2006, in the Los Angeles area; and Mar. 9, 2006, in Newark, NJ. The course is taught by Del Lisk, DriveCam’s vice president of safety services, and is designed to assist current DriveCam users.

The DriveCam system captures video and audio, both inside and outside the vehicle, when activated by abrupt driving behavior. As part of the program process, drivers are counseled by management on these recorded incidents to improve their behavior. Recordings are also used in driver training programs to teach behaviors that reduce risky driving and lower collisions.

Cost is $250 per participant, with a 10 percent discount for three or more attendees. Contact or call (866) 419-5861 to register.

Originally posted on Fleet Financials