NEW YORK — After reports of fuel savings by fleets including Xerox, GE Medical, McDonald’s, and others, FUELMiser, Inc. has more recently focused on the limousine industry. With limousines averaging over 60,000 miles per year, fuel consumption remains a major business expense. And with the significant increases, even after some fluctuation, fuel remains the No. 2 expense for most operators. Traditionally, consumers and professionals alike have considered fuel costs as a factor they just have to live with, but that viewpoint is changing. Field testing on fleet vehicles has already resulted in most drivers/owners showing an average fuel savings of about 15 percent, according to FUELMiser. FUELMiser is snaps around the inbound fuel line so it does not void the manufacturers warrantee. Average limousine industry vehicles travel 60,000 or more miles per year, consume more than 3,000 gallons of gas, and even at only $1.69 per gallon, the yearly cost for fuel is more than $5,000. Primarily developed as a pollution-reduction devise, FUELMiser uses an application of basic magneto-hydrodynamic principals combined with patented Advanced Magnetic Phasing Technology to burn fuels more efficiently and cleaner during combustion. FUELMiser uses only highly heat stabilized materials and specialized shielding techniques. This allows the specific directional magnetic field created by FUELMiser to remain strong during use around the heat generated by normal-running vehicle engines. It also “encapsulates” the magnetic energy field so that it does not interfere with other components (radios, navigation devices, etc.) and so that no other fields (generators, ignition systems, etc.) interfere with the unique FUELMiser magnetic field. Suggested fleet pricing starts at $74.99 or less.

Originally posted on Fleet Financials