FT. LAUDERDALE, FL — With a goal of saving its customers $200,000 a year, First Fleet Corp. will conduct a study to address what it deemed the “runaway cost” of operating a private truck fleet, according to the South Florida Business Journal. The Fort Lauderdale-based financial services firm that owns or manages more than 15,000 trucks, tractors, and trailers, said it will sponsor an 18-month fuel economy study using telematics technology. The company said its study will be under real-world operating conditions. The onboard telematics technology will help operators define new strategies for achieving better fuel economy, whether through new equipment, improved driving methods, reduced idling time, driver training, or enhanced maintenance practices. During phase I of the fuel consumption study, First Fleet said it will install nearly 200 trucking telematics devices in a large cross-section of Class 8 tractors in 10 participating private truck fleets, according to the South Florida Business Journal. Participating industry market segments include grocery, manufacturing, fuel, and retail distribution. Study participation is free to the companies involved. The onboard devices, installed with driver knowledge, are to monitor fuel usage, driver performance, methods of operation, and the effect of truck specifications and equipment technology on fuel consumption rates. Through its study and follow-up with new operating strategies, First Fleet said its objective is to help its customers save .3 of a mile per gallon, a $200,000 savings a year, or $2,000 a year per tractor. First Fleet Corp. is a subsidiary of PHH Arval.

Originally posted on Fleet Financials