SACRAMENTO, CA — Sacramento Municipal Utility District (SMUD) has significant experience with electric power and will be expanding that experience to fuel cells with two DaimlerChrysler F-Cell passenger cars. Through daily use, the F-Cells will supply DaimlerChrysler and SMUD with operational experience and technical data that will help improve the next generation of fuel-cell vehicles. Since the Department of Energy (DOE) Hydrogen Learning Demonstration Project kickoff in Washington, D.C., DaimlerChrysler has delivered 15 fuel-cell vehicles to customers in California and Michigan. This handover makes the total 17, with more to announce in the near future. In support of the federal Freedom Car Program, SMUD is moving forward with hydrogen fuel-cell technology with DaimlerChrysler and BP to conduct hydrogen fuel-cell vehicle testing. SMUD will operate the DaimlerChrysler fuel-cell vehicles in various activities from public outreach events to high-mileage testing. These efforts support SMUD’s research and development policies helping to create clean transportation alternatives for the community. The SMUD F-Cells are part of the 100-plus fuel-cell vehicle fleet DaimlerChrysler has put into service around the world. The data collected through vehicle operation will contribute to the DOE Hydrogen Learning Demonstration Project. Through the DOE Controlled Hydrogen Fleet and Infrastructure Demonstration and Validation Project, DaimlerChrysler will place more fuel-cell vehicles in the hands of customers who will provide valuable feedback about performance under different conditions. DaimlerChrysler is testing over 100 fuel-cell vehicles under varying weather, traffic conditions, and driving styles in different locations worldwide.

Originally posted on Fleet Financials