MOUNT LAUREL, NJ - Automotive Resources International (ARI) has opened a toll-free Hurricane Katrina Fleet Hotline, 1-866-FLEET59 (1-866-353-3859) - manned by ARI’s fleet management professionals - to provide support and answer questions from its clients’ fleet administrators and drivers. According to Senior Vice President of Operations Frank Cardile, the magnitude of the destruction to property and businesses has resulted in urgent need for on-locations support for affected drivers and businesses as well as a multitude of questions from all ARI clients with drivers or locations in the Gulf Coast Region. “ARI is already in contact with manufacturers, insurers, claims adjusters, maintenance and fueling vendors and others to assess the damage, determine the availability of fleet resources and to establish alternatives for ARI clients and their drivers,” Cardile said. “Our representatives throughout the country have already begun contacting affected clients to provide updated information and assist with particular issues. We have begun issuing electronic updates to keep clients informed of fleet-related problems as they arise. And, we will continue to provide updates as conditions and fleet support infra-structures improve.” About Automotive Resources International (ARI) With 57 years of leadership in the fleet management industry, ARI offers the industry's most complete array of global fleet solutions. It is uniquely experienced in handling complex, vocational and geographically-dispersed fleets with more than 470,000 vehicles under customized fleet management programs. For more information, contact ARI at (856) 778-1500.

Originally posted on Fleet Financials