UNION, NJ — Supreme Security Systems has selected the 2005 Dodge Sprinter van to anchor its new fleet of service vehicles. The new Dodge Sprinters will not only be used to service and install security equipment for the company’s more than 10,000 business and residential customers, but also as the company’s primary method of advertising. With the additional five new Dodge Sprinters, Supreme will operate a service fleet of nearly 40 vehicles. The newly acquired Sprinter vans will replace Supreme’s former service fleet vehicle, the Chevrolet Astrovan. As lease agreements for its remaining vehicles come to term, those vehicles will be phased out and replaced with Dodge Sprinters. The service fleet is expected to comprise of primarily Dodge Sprinters by spring 2008. “Transportation is an integral part of our business, so it’s essential that we feature a fleet of service vehicles that meet our high standards of quality and dependability,” said David Bitton, chief operating officer of Supreme Security Systems. With fuel performance of 25 miles per gallon, the larger, more versatile Dodge Sprinters are expected to provide Supreme an immediate benefit and savings in operating costs. Coupled with a driving range of 660 miles on a single tank of fuel and long maintenance intervals of 20,000 miles, the company projects a cost-saving of more than $11,000 over the next five-years. The new Dodge Sprinters will be branded with the Supreme Security Systems logo and will feature colorful graphics that wrap around the perimeter of the vehicle. As ‘mobile billboards,’ the highly visible fleet will serve as the company’s primary method of advertising to potential commercial and residential customers as they crisscross the Garden State.

Originally posted on Fleet Financials