BELLEVILLE, NY — Trucking manufacturers commonly repeat the same key production as often as every 12th truck. This means that anyone with one key could go to any truck stop and expect their key to fit one out of every 12 big rigs produced by that specific manufacturer. “It is an absolute travesty,” said Terry M. Evans, CEO of Fleet Defender Consulting Services, LLC, a private firm providing anti-terrorism training to transportation companies. “Can you imagine the outrage the public would express if Toyota or GM repeated their keys every 12 cars? Yet we tolerate the number one tool used by terrorist worldwide to have literally zero security when it comes to their locks and ignition. It is outrageous and totally unacceptable. Our government is doing zip about this currently. The admirable government-funded Highway Watch Program doesn’t even mention this in their awareness training program.” Given the recent FBI warnings to police departments nationwide regarding a possible pending attack using fuel trucks, this breach of basic security is a serious concern, said Evans. He contends that the answer to this problem is an easy, common sense fix. “Trucking companies need to refit their current tractor locks, and manufacturers must stop this practice immediately,” he said. “Failing to do so is literally giving our keys to the terrorists.”

Originally posted on Fleet Financials