EDEN PRAIRIE, MN — GE Commercial Finance Fleet Services has launched my.Dashboard, a Web-based reporting and analysis product for monitoring, managing, and optimizing fleet perform-ance. my.Dashboard provides 50 key indicators and alerts to track how a fleet is performing against its set targets. From monitoring vehicle inventory to analyzing resale performance, my.Dashboard provides in-depth, fleet-specific, actionable data available in a customized format. For example, a fleet manager can compare true depreciation dollars against monthly payments by vehicle, the distance driven, or the business unit over a 13-month period. Providing immediate visibility to activities that fall outside customer-defined limits, my.Dashboard’s drill-down functionality to transaction specifics, including unit and driver details, enables fleet managers to quickly identify and address trouble areas. Multiple levels within an or-ganization, from sourcing and finance to branch managers, may elect to receive an e-mail snapshot of the dashboard for a fast and easy review of their fleet’s performance.

Originally posted on Fleet Financials