KOKOMO, IN — Delphi Corp. will begin production on a new satellite transceiver unit that GE will use with its VeriWise asset intelligence system. GE’s VeriWise system allows fleet owners to track and monitor mobile assets such as over-the-road trailers. Delphi’s satellite transceiver unit, known as the DS300, enables GE to offer its customers two-way data sharing using the ORBCOMM low-earth orbit satellite network. It is one of two such trans-ceivers that Delphi agreed last year to co-develop and manufacture for Stellar Satellite Communications, a global supplier of data communications products for two-way messaging, tracking, and monitoring applications. The DS300 is a satellite modem offering enhanced functionality through built-in applications, a built-in GPS receiver, and a rugged exterior for longer wear. GE’s VeriWise Asset Intelligence system is a virtual “brain,” developed initially by GE for the trailer portion of an 18-wheeler big rig. Since 2003, it has helped shippers maintain reliable delivery of consumer goods, such as produce, clothing, and electronics.

Originally posted on Fleet Financials