SACRAMENTO, CA — California Attorney General Bill Lockyer filed suit against the U.S. government to wipe out the federal rule requiring the use of ethanol in California gas tanks, reported the Sacramento Bee newspaper. California and other states have been fighting a federal requirement that says ethanol must be blended into their gasoline to reduce emissions. Some experts say that modern refining can achieve the same emissions without ethanol or other oxygenates, such as MTBE. The federal government says ethanol helps clean the air, but California says the corn-based additive is expensive and, because of its chemical properties, actually worsens air pollution in hot weather. Congress recently passed an energy bill that would delete the ethanol requirement in California. Lockyer, however, couldn’t wait to see if Bush would sign the bill because he had 60 days from June 2 to challenge the federal government’s latest refusal to lift its ethanol requirement, reported the Sacramento Bee.

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