SPARKS, MD — PHH Arval has developed two new services to help organizations manage fuel and maintenance costs when they operate one or more onsite facilities and also use retail facilities. PHH Fuel Cost Capture allows companies to combine all fleet fuel expenses (onsite and retail) in a single, centralized repository. While this program provides the same controls, security features, and transaction/summary information normally available with a retail fuel program, it also enables managers to get a comprehensive view of their retail and onsite fuel purchases with just one card. PHH Maintenance Cost Capture integrates vehicle maintenance history from multiple sources. Companies that use internal garages as well as an open network of vehicle repair suppliers can now access integrated information about maintenance purchases and histories of each vehicle. The program interfaces with in-house garage software packages to facilitate data transfer, provides com-prehensive maintenance information for each unit or for the fleet as a whole, and delivers detailed and summary reports online through PHH InterActive. These services are ideal for large truck, service, government, utility, or any other centrally garaged fleets.

Originally posted on Fleet Financials