DUNCAN, SC — TCI Tire Centers Commercial Division and Wright Express Corp. announced the introduction of a new branded fleet fuel card, called the Wright Express Affinity Card, for TCI customers requiring a one-card fueling solution. Wright Express has developed the branded fleet card that TCI Tire Centers’ Commercial Division now offers to local-billed customer fleets. The new card, which also contains the Wright Express logo, allows TCI to offer the benefits and features of a Wright Express fleet card program at a reduced cost with limited administration. According to TCI, the new fuel card will simplify the administrative work for its heavy truck fleet customers who use multiple fueling cards and manage multiple invoices and reports each month. “The new TCI card will consolidate fuel purchases, minimize reporting, and enable our local-billed truck fleet customers to establish and enforce fueling policies,” said Randy Gaetz, vice president of sales and marketing, of TCI Tire Centers Commercial Division. “These customers will also have access to the Daily Best Fuel Price Web Site, which allows fleets to immediately identify the lowest diesel fuel price of the day in their markets.” The Wright Express Affinity Card program allows service marketers to offer a branded fleet fueling card to increase sales, build brand awareness, and establish customer loyalty, according Gary Robbins, vice president, general manager, partner acquisition, of Wright Express.

Originally posted on Fleet Financials