RESTON, VA — Nextel, ALK, and Motorola have announced the launch of ALK’s PC*MILER|Mobile, a spoken GPS navigation solution for trucks. The subscription service provides spoken turn-by-turn, street-level, truck-specific routing information and is available on Nextel Java and GPS-enabled handsets. The service also provides fleets and customers a real-time view of truck location, speed, and heading information on a secure Web site — delivering a cost-effective tool to improve operational efficiency. The GPS solution is delivered via select Nextel handsets powered by Motorola’s VIAMOTO technology. A driver will hear spoken directions on the phone’s speaker and is routed on truck-safe roads and away from low overpasses. Users can also select routes compliant with hazardous materials and 53’/102” trailer restrictions. If the driver misses a turn, the PC*MILER|Mobile recalculates the route to provide directions from the new location to the selected destination. Destinations can be entered using the handset keypad, by selecting a previously entered address, by searching a business directory, or by selecting destinations from the address book that have been entered by dispatchers on the PC*MILER|Mobile Web site.

Originally posted on Fleet Financials