RESTON, VA — Nextel Communications Inc., TeleNav Inc., and Research In Motion (RIM) announced on May 9 that they are now offering TeleNav's GPS Navigation, a Java-based GPS navigation application that offers visual and audible, turn-by-turn driving directions and mapping, on the BlackBerry 7520 wireless handheld. TeleNav GPS Navigation is the first GPS application available on the BlackBerry platform with real time turn-by-turn GPS navigation and the first in a series of location-based services that will be offered to Nextel customers on BlackBerry via Nextel's Nationwide Digital Wireless Network. TeleNav, which is similar to the in-car GPS navigation systems found in luxury vehicles, displays maps, graphical driving cues, speed, and direction, and provides audible turn-by-turn directions to help drivers get to their desired locations directly. Customers have greater flexibility with TeleNav on BlackBerry because the device is portable and travels with the user. It is also easier to maintain because TeleNav automatically updates the map information to ensure the most current driving instructions. Nextel's assisted-GPS (A-GPS) technology and data service for BlackBerry support outstanding performance so the customer can quickly get driving directions and update them automatically, even when the driver misses a turn and immediately needs a new route to his or her destination. TeleNav features enhanced applications that are not found in conventional GPS navigation systems, including an interactive voice response system, which can be used to input a destination, airport code location information, Business Finder, or lowest price gas station locator, as well as offering multilingual capabilities for Spanish, Russian, French Cantonese, Vietnamese, Portuguese, and Mandarin. In addition, TeleNav GPS Navigation offers the ability to seamlessly use the addresses and locations stored in a user's BlackBerry address book. The GPS-enabled BlackBerry 7520 supports the audible and visual turn-by-turn directions service provided by the TeleNav service. The BlackBerry 7520 allows users to receive audible directions and information via speakerphone or through Bluetooth-enabled car kits and headsets. TeleNav costs $9.99 a month for unlimited use and the charge appears on customers' Nextel bills. New customers who sign-up for TeleNav can use the service free of charge for the first 30 days. Additional data service charges from Nextel may apply.

Originally posted on Fleet Financials