WASHINGTON, D.C. — DaimlerChrysler AG is advising U.S. customers to replace new car and truck tires after six years, even if there is no sign of wear, beginning with 2006 models, according to the Detroit News. The warning will be placed in Chrysler, Dodge and Jeep owners' manuals, following a practice the company established in Europe. A few 2005 Chrysler Group models carry the warning. "Tires and spare tire should be replaced after six years, regardless of the remaining tread," the warning reads. "Failure to follow this warning can result in sudden tire failure. You could lose control and have an accident resulting in serious injury or death." Ford Motor Co. began warning customers to replace older tires on its Web site a few weeks ago. It will also include a warning with all 2006 models. The companies are responding to new research that suggests tires can degrade rapidly as they get older, regardless of how much they are used, reported the Detroit News.

Originally posted on Fleet Financials