SOUTHFIELD, MI — GE announced the opening on May 16 of its GE Automotive Center of Excellence, providing services, technologies, and solutions to the automotive industry of the future. Located at Two Towne Square in Southfield, Mich., the facility will spotlight GE's ability to serve a demanding and evolving industry with GE values in this modern setting. The new Center of Excellence was designed around GE's portfolio of automotive-related businesses, including GE Advanced Materials, GE Infrastructure, GE Energy, GE Commercial Finance, and GE Fleet. By housing all its businesses with an automotive focus in the same area, GE has created an environment that allows information to flow seamlessly across the different organizations. Participating GE businesses include:

  • GE Advanced Materials, which provides high-technology material solutions in plastics, silicones, quartz, specialty film & sheet, polymer shapes, and sealants and adhesives for the automotive industry.
  • GE Infrastructure offers integrated, open solutions and support services across a wide spectrum of industries, including the automotive industry.
  • GE Sensing designs and manufactures sensing elements, devices, instruments, and systems that enable customers to help monitor, protect, control, and ensure the safety of their critical applications.
  • GE Commercial Finance is one of General Electric's largest "growth engines". With lending products, growth capital, revolving lines of credit, equipment leasing of every kind, cash flow programs, asset financing, and more, GE Commercial Finance plays a key role for client businesses in more than 35 countries.

    Other features of the new Automotive Center include broadcast satellite and wireless network connectivity to provide communications and instant access across GE's worldwide facilities and staff. The nine-story building is also connected to the existing 425,000-foot, 18-story One Towne Square building and its full service retail concourse in order to provide a full-service facility.

  • Originally posted on Fleet Financials