TORONTO, ONTARIO — has expanded its Web-based driver training courseware to include a program consisting of 10 lessons specifically designed for service van operators. The program was developed in recognition of the fact that service vehicles are quite different from passenger vehicles. Specifically, they are larger, have a higher center of gravity, have larger blind spots and take longer to stop. Consequently, people driving service vans require a different training regime compared to those driving passenger vehicles. One of the program’s main advantages is its flexibility. The modular design allows clients to target the main crash causes facing their fleet by selecting the appropriate lessons from the 10 different multi-media modules that have been developed. Special emphasis was placed on how to address slips, trips and falls around the vehicle as well as proper lifting techniques, which is the second biggest contributor to lost work time. An administrator with access to the program’s enterprise-class, back-end tracking and reporting suite can generate real-time reports on all trainees regardless of where they are located in minutes using this fully secured, Web-based application. has recently completed a number of expansions that cover almost every vehicle type on the road today including commercial trucks, service vans, SUVs, and passenger vehicles. Most of this training is available in English, French, and Spanish for the North American market.

Originally posted on Fleet Financials