KANATA, ONTARIO – TireStamp Inc. announced on May 16 that WebTech Wireless Inc. of Burnaby, British Columbia, Canada, will trial its TireVigil Tire Monitoring and Asset Management Service to its fleet clients. The system provides commercial fleets with tire management information that can result in savings of $4-10,000 per truck/per year. Vital for an industry comprised of 15 million North American trucks that recognizes 4.8 percent net profit on $97.9 billion in revenue. Tires represent the third largest cost to commercial trucks after driver wages and fuel. Proper tire management can result in:

  • Reduced roadside delays resulting from flat tires (a truck can experience 1 flat tire a year, which results in service fees of $1-2,000 per flat).
  • Extended tire life by up to 30 percent (through maintaining correct tire pressure).
  • Fuel savings (maintaining correct tire pressure can save 1-4 percent in fuel costs).
  • Increased life of tire casing (proper tire management can allow for 4-5 re-treads for the life of one tire casing, resulting in $3-4,000 in savings per year).

    TireVigil, a tire management system available to commercial and industrial fleet operators, allows fleets to manage their tire assets while they are on the road. Constant updates are transmitted from tire sensors via WebTech’s wireless locator and are easily accessed through TireStamp’s servers. TireVigil is enabled by Telematics Service Providers, such as Webtech Wireless, who license the TireVigil components from TireStamp. TireVigil includes In-Bay, On-Board, and Navigator components along with embedded licensed components.

  • Originally posted on Fleet Financials