NEW YORK — Many mobile workers are expected to use their cell phone for job-related calls while driving even though the risks are well known. The potential liability for corporate fleet owners is enormous. PhoneRanger, a developer of non-Bluetooth hands free wireless headsets for all cell phones, announced that it is launching a marketing program directed at fleets to increase safe use of cell phones while driving. Most attention has been on the behavior of individual drivers who put themselves, their passengers and other drivers at risk by driving and talking on their cell phone. But concern is even higher among fleet owners that their drivers are using cell phones without hands-free devices. With hundreds or thousands of drivers, the potential liability exposure for a corporation could be enormous. Corporate fleets have two choices: the task of forbidding cell phone calls while driving or insisting on the safe use of cell phones with hands-free devices. PhoneRanger designs and distributes wireless hands-free non-Bluetooth headsets for use with cell phones while driving. The PhoneRanger headset works with almost every cell phone and is easily recharged while driving. More importantly, because of its added convenience, a wireless PhoneRanger headset is more likely to be actually used by drivers. PhoneRanger is offering its 1.0 model headset to fleet owners in quantities of 10 or more with a 30 percent discount from the suggested retailed price of $69.99. To take advantage of this discount, please visit and purchase 10 or more PhoneRanger headsets. When completing the purchase, enter “Fleetsafe” in the rebate code box. A rebate form will accompany the shipped PhoneRanger units. Fill out and return the rebate form and receive $21 per unit. For more information, please contact PhoneRanger at (212) 981-2529 x13 or visit

Originally posted on Fleet Financials