WEST HOLLYWOOD, CA — Motorists can use their cell phones to avoid parking tickets along a stretch of Sunset Boulevard in Los Angeles, according to KNBC news. New parking meters on West Hollywood's trendy street call the user's cell phone as time expires. The new meters made a connection with Roxanne Holloway, a busy actress who admits that she often forgets to feed the meter. "It's the new trendy thing," Holloway said. "I get a lot of parking tickets. I'm really flaky. I forget about it. We always have our cell phones, but maybe not our change." Users key an assigned space onto a digital screen, pick how long they want to park, and dial a national toll-free number for directions. The user's cell phone will ring with an automated reminder. "If people will move off the spaces, there will be more parking available," said West Hollywood Mayor Abbe Land. "People will use the stores. We might lose money in parking fines, but we will make it up with sales tax from people coming to our restaurants and retail shops." The meters require a 45-cent convenience fee. Meters also accept credit cards and change. The national toll-free number to use the meters is (866) 415-7222.

Originally posted on Fleet Financials