MALVERN, PA — Johnson Matthey's Environmental Catalysts and Technologies (ECT) group announced on April 21 that the California Air Resources Board (CARB) has verified its EGRT or Exhaust Gas Recirculation Technology diesel retrofit system for use on select Cummins, Detroit Diesel, and International engines. This latest verification sets a new on-road standard. These engines represent some of the most popular engines found in urban buses and municipal vehicles. Johnson Matthey's EGRT system is now verified with the highest level of NOx reduction, making it the one of the most cost-effective NOx control devises for the on-road market today. Johnson Matthey's technology combines its patented CRT diesel particulate filter system with world-leading EGR technology – patented as the DNOx system – by the Swedish company STT Emtec. The combined EGRT system will make an engine built in 1998 cleaner than a 2.5g NOx engine built in 2004. Johnson Matthey's EGRT technology offers complete 4-way emission control. It reduces NOx by 40 percent or greater, and reduces CO, HC by more than 90 percent. In addition, it meets CARB Level 3 requirements for PM reduction of at least 85 percent. "Until now, users only had access to devices that offered 25 percent NOx reduction," said Marty Lassen, commercial development and marketing manager for Johnson Matthey's ECT Group. "With the EGRT low-pressure retrofit system, customers – especially those in California and Texas, where CARB verification is required – now have a choice in the amount of NOx reduction they get and a technology they can trust." Johnson Matthey's EGRT system is a low-pressure, low-temperature after-treatment system that operates passively, with no fuel injection required for emission reductions. The EGRT system collects and re-circulates cooled, particulate-free exhaust back into the engine's intake system, resulting in significantly reduced NOx emission rates. Unlike high-pressure EGR systems, this low-pressure solution provides exceptional control in transient conditions, higher EGR rates under higher loads, low cooling capacity, and eliminates engine contamination from soot. Vehicles that already use Johnson Matthey's CRT system can be upgraded with full, 4-way control EGRT technology. For more information, visit or

Originally posted on Fleet Financials