LOUISVILLE, KY — Freightliner Trucks unveiled two new noise abatement packages for its medium-duty and vocational Business Class M2 106, 106V, 112, and 112V truck models. The availability of a premium noise abatement package was also announced for the Freightliner Columbia in day cab and SleeperCab configurations. The announcement was made at the Mid-America Trucking Show here. The latest noise abatement packages combine existing noise reduction options and features into convenient packages, expediting the ordering process and providing customers with complete noise abatement systems in one specification. Designed to create a more pleasant work environment for the driver, the new standard noise abatement package on the Business Class M2 models features a decoupled barrier made from lightweight foam, which is spaced away from the firewall, engine tunnel and floor, minimizing vibrations and blocking noise. A premium noise abatement package is also available as an option for the Business Class M2 vehicles. This package reduces interior cab noise levels by three decibels, or 50-percent, over standard noise levels. This premium noise abatement option also increases the firewall barrier thickness by 50-percent. In addition, a damping layer is added to the floor, back wall and roof to decrease vibrations and noise. A layer of sound-absorbent acoustical foam is bonded to the damping layer on the back wall and roof to help further reduce interior sound. This package is designed to offer a very quiet work environment for the driver, which helps increase driver alertness and comfort. The premium noise abatement package for the Business Class M2 is ideal for all applications including towing, beverage, expedited freight hauling, construction, municipal services and pickup and delivery. In addition to the standard and premium noise abatement packages, two new engine noise shield options are also offered for the Business Class M2 106, 106V, 112, and 112V truck models. A tunnel/firewall engine noise shield can be added to help silence noise traveling from the engine compartment to the cab interior. Additionally, a hood liner insulation engine noise shield option can be specified to reduce engine sound traveling from the engine compartment to the outside environment. This option is designed for applications such as residential and city delivery or anywhere that a quieter truck is desired. Either engine noise shield option can be ordered with the new premium noise abatement package option. However, the standard, premium and engine noise abatement packages for the M2s can be ordered independently of each other. Additionally, the Freightliner Columbia now offers a premium noise abatement package that decreases interior noise and vibration, decreasing driver fatigue and distractions while offering a more pleasant working and driving environment. This new premium option for the Columbia adds thermal insulation and arctic door seals, allowing for more consistent and comfortable cab interior temperatures. This premium noise reduction option for the Columbia is offered in five sub-packages: hood/firewall, floor, sides, roof and back wall. Customers can specify which sub-package best suits their needs based on vehicle configuration and interior options.

Originally posted on Fleet Financials