SAN DIEGO — DriveCam Video Systems, a provider of knowledge-based systems to improve driving behavior, announced on March 30 the availability of the DriveCam Illuminator, an infrared lighting device that brightens images captured by the dual-lens DriveCam video event recorder. The Illuminator ensures that video and images of a vehicle’s interior captured in low light conditions are clearly visible. The DriveCam system is used by fleets to identify and improve risky driving behavior. It includes a dual-lens video camera that records sights and sounds inside and outside the vehicle. Using an omni-directional, infrared light source, the DriveCam Illuminator shines an invisible light within the vehicle’s interior. When the DriveCam recorder is triggered by unsafe driving, the DriveCam Illuminator brightens images so they are clear when later viewed and analyzed on a computer. DriveCam recordings are used to show drivers what they were doing wrong and correct their behavior. By improving driver behavior, the DriveCam system reduces collisions and lowers operating costs for commercial fleets.

Originally posted on Fleet Financials