ARLINGTON, TEXAS — Smith System, a provider of professional driver training, announced on April 7 that “Outside the Box,” a new training video/DVD for commercial fleets, is now available. The new video teaches drivers to see and organize the traffic environment into simple zones. The Reaction Zone involves creating space around the vehicle, which improves visibility to give drivers time to react to safety hazards. The Pre-Action Zone emphasizes looking far ahead as well as behind to prepare drivers for possible future hazards. Pre-Action and Reaction Zones help drivers recognize and cope with hazards that can cause collisions. These basic concepts underlie the Smith System "Five Keys to Space Cushion Driving." "The average driver has a small reaction zone and no pre-action zone, because they don't look ahead and prepare," said Jim Smith, vice president of training for Smith System. "This leaves them with little time to make a decision when an incident occurs. Our new video emphasizes these simple yet powerful concepts that are the foundation of safe driving habits." In the video, a variety of camera angles puts the viewer on the road, with the driver, making decisions in actual traffic. An experienced instructor shows how to apply these principles to make driving easier, safer, and less stressful. The video is organized in sections, which makes it easy to show in segments at safety meetings to reinforce core driving concepts. Smith System is offering this video at an introductory rate of $250 if ordered by April 30, 2005. The video/DVD is available in Truck, Step-van and Small Vehicle versions. Call 800-777-7648 or visit for more information.

Originally posted on Fleet Financials