GRAPEVINE, TEXAS – On behalf of Broward County, Denise Guzzi, fleet manager for the County Sheriff’s Office in Fort Lauderdale, Fla., accepted the Larry Goill Award April 12 at the National Association of Fleet Administrators Fleet Managament Institute and Law Enforcement Group (NAFA FMI-LEG) in Dallas. The award recognizes fleet managers whose creative ideas improved productivity and quality or produced substantial bottom-line savings for their employers. These awards are named in honor of the late Larry Goill, who served as NAFA vice president for Canada and was supervising engineer- fleet services for Bell Canada. The Broward County Sheriff’s Office developed a fleet mobile emergency response unit to become better prepared for disasters and improve disaster response. The unit is completely mobile, allowing law enforcement to offer emergency assistance off-site. Units are placed strategically throughout the county in preparation of hurricanes, so if roads become impassable, the fleet still remains mobile and able to serve the public. Units also carry generators, fuel, a fuel dispensing system, tents, a kitchen, shower, and bathroom, all of which still function in the event of a power outage. Broward County has helped set an example for other law enforcement agencies interested in setting up their own emergency mobile response units.

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