BRENTWOOD, TN – Comdata Corporation has teamed with RAIR Technologies to provide fleets with an accurate, easy-to-administer, DOT-compliant driver log system. Offered through its regulatory compliance services division, the enhanced driver log auditing product eliminates paper records and puts all driver log data on a fleet’s computer desktop within 48 hours of submitting driver logs. Payment for the service is transacted on the fleet’s Comdata card. Fleets submit driver logs, including fueling, roadside inspection and random drug test information, and access any needed data via the Internet within 48 hours. The Internet-based system offers a higher degree of flexibility than traditional paper-based systems. All information is viewable, but only to those individuals authorized to view specific information. The system offers access to log data that can be organized into several key reports or downloaded and customized to fit a fleet’s log management conventions. It also offers routine audit trails on regulatory items important to a fleet, including the number and percent of DOT critical log violations, summary reports of missing, duplicated and/or incomplete logs, and any necessary driver counseling through a series of counseling letters that address a range of violation issues.

Originally posted on Fleet Financials