JACKSONVILLE, FL — Hackensack, N.J.-based I.D. Systems Inc. says the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) will fund a Phase II expansion of the company's wireless vehicle security program at JAXPORT, the Jacksonville, Fla.-based, seaport, according to the Web site, www.telecomweb.com. The new deal, which boosts a contract awarded in July 2004, has I.D. Systems deploying the homeland-security version of its Wireless Asset Net fleet-management system on several hundred additional vehicles at the seaport. The expansion is worth approximately $870,000. The homeland-security version of I.D. Systems' product provides wireless access control, location tracking, geo-fencing, remote vehicle-disabling, fleet-use analysis tools, maintenance management tools, safety enforcement tools and other functions. The JAXPORT project also will be a demonstration bed for a complex RF infrastructure compatible with the technical requirements of large airports and seaports.

Originally posted on Fleet Financials