OLYMPIA, WA – For the sixth straight week, the national average price of diesel has been above $2 a gallon; fuel is now running about 26 cents higher per gallon than in mid-February, according to Land Line Magazine. According to ProMiles, the state of Washington had the highest statewide average for retail diesel prices Monday, March 28, at $2.58 per gallon. Oklahoma had the cheapest diesel with a price of $2.10. The national average price-per-gallon for diesel increased slightly Monday, March 28, from $2.244 to $2.249, the Department of Energy reported. The highest average prices in the nation are once again found in California, where the average cost is $2.512. The biggest jump was in the Midwest region, where the average price per gallon jumped nearly 4 cents to $2.203. Among the higher average prices were those in the West Coast region, at $2.483; in New England, at $2.374; the Central Atlantic region, at $2.360; and the Rocky Mountain region, at $2.326. Other prices included the East Coast, at $2.248; the Lower Atlantic region, at $2.189; and the Gulf Coast, at $2.182.

Originally posted on Fleet Financials