COLUMBUS, OHIO – The Ohio House of Representatives as expected on March 15, refused to accept changes made by an Ohio Senate committee to Am Sub HB 68 but agreed to keeping the Senate amendment restoring language keeping two-vehicle license plates, according to Dick Lightner, executive vice president of the Ohio Vehicle Leasing Association (OVLA). The House voted to rejected the bill – the two-year budget for both the Ohio Departments of Transportation and Public Safety (which includes the BMV) – and a conference committee was named with members from both chambers to work out differences, according to the OVLA. Law enforcement convinced the committee to keep plates on both the front and rear of all vehicles to aid in catching criminals. A House committee had adopted verbage to eliminate the two-plate requirement and it was approved by the full House and sent to the Senate where a Senate committee removed the language. Gov. Taft is expected to sign the bill into law, making it effective July 1, added the OVLA.

Originally posted on Fleet Financials