ALPHARETTA, GA — LeasePlan USA announced on March 9 the launch of LeasePlan Risk Management Services, a fleet safety and accident management program. Developed as a joint venture with SurePlan, an Australian-based risk management company, LeasePlan Risk Management Services operates out of LeasePlan’s Chicago office and focuses on the root cause of vehicle crashes – the driver. Through proactive safety programs, LeasePlan Risk Management Services works to eliminate crashes, which are preventable incidents that occur due to risky driver behavior. If a crash or non-preventable accident should occur, LeasePlan Risk Management Services’ advanced technology gets drivers back on the road quickly. LeasePlan Risk Management Services was developed based on extensive market research and thorough evaluation of the product, as well as strong endorsements from clients of LeasePlan Australia and New Zealand — two of the most safety conscious countries in the world. LeasePlan Risk Management Services is built around a proprietary Circle of Safety methodology. The methodology guarantees reductions in the number of crashes by focusing on driver behavior, attitudes, and education. By improving driver behavior and decision making, LeasePlan Risk Management Services aims to reduce driver crashes. It also streamlines back-end processes such as purchase-order requests, notifications and approvals, all of which reduce driver downtime when crashes occur. New electronic processes have also been implemented to reduce the amount of time fleet managers spend responding to and managing crashes.

Originally posted on Fleet Financials