PALM SPRINGS, CA — At a luncheon address during the WestStart-CALSTART Clean Heavy Duty Vehicle conference last week, newly-installed California EPA Secretary Alan Lloyd said that at its upcoming July Board meeting, the California Air Resources Board (CARB) will consider adopting as its own rules four of the current South Coast AQMD (SCAQMD) fleet rules. These same rules were struck down last year by the California State Supreme Court, citing lack of a waiver from CARB. Such a move by CARB could establish the legal framework for South Coast to continue to enforce its rules. The SCAQMD had requested that CARB seek a federal waiver to allow its rules to stay in place. At the time, CARB didn't believe a blanket waiver would be approved by Cal-EPA. Since then, CARB modified the waiver request and will schedule implementation of four of the seven rules, addressing transit, school buses, refuse trucks and street sweepers.

Originally posted on Fleet Financials