ALPHARETTA, GA — FleetRisk Advisors announced on February 22 that it has launched its Transportation Risk Analytics Center. Dupre' Transport of Lafayette, Louisiana will conduct a major pilot project using Fleet Risk's TRAC service including data modeling and predictive analytics. TRAC is based on a relational database that combines historical data about drivers, vehicles, routes, schedules, accidents and incidents with daily operational data from a broad range of in-vehicle monitoring technologies. A suite of analytics, including pattern recognition algorithms, turns the data into risk signatures, enabling owners/operators to operate safer and more profitable fleets. Dupre' Transport has been developing and implementing analytical programs and deploying advanced in-vehicle technology to increase fleet safety. Dupre's interest in FleetRisk Advisors stems from a desire to extend the benefits derived from existing fatigue management, personnel profiling and telematics systems by gaining insight into the correlations and relevancy factors of these various data sources. “Most fleet operators realise that there is a strong correlation between safety and profitability,” said Sam Wilkes, FleetRisk Advisors CEO. “It takes a tremendous amount of detailed data to predict conditions and circumstances under which a loss might occur, and it is this same level of detail that gives operators the knowledge to prevent those losses.” Wilkes added that FleetRisk’s research indicates that the behaviour modifications that prevent losses are very often the same behaviour modifications that improve personnel productivity and operating asset use.

Originally posted on Fleet Financials