RESTON, VA and SAN DIEGO — Nextel Communications Inc. announced on February 7 a partnership with Air-Trak, Inc. to provide a dual-mode GPS tracking and communications service. The service combines satellite and cellular communications on Nextel’s iDEN network and GPS, Java-enabled phones and/or Air-Trak’s vehicle-mounted tracking unit to wirelessly manage and communicate with mobile workers throughout North America. Ubiquitous tracking and communications can now be accessible on Nextel phones, through the in-vehicle unit or a combination of both via Air-Trak’s SatCom Upgrade. The SatCom Upgrade is an add-on module that consists of a satellite transceiver equipped with an omni-directional antenna and onboard intelligence that automatically redirects communications to the satellite network when cellular service is unavailable. In the case of long-haul trucking, a trucker going from Florida to Oregon can be assured of continuous communication even in areas where Nextel coverage is unavailable. Air-Trak’s service economically provides 100-percent coverage throughout the United States, Canada, Mexico, Central America, Puerto Rico, and parts of South America. Customers can also track workers and manage mobile resources using Air-Trak’s Cloudberry desktop software or Web-based map display that can be scaled to manage up to tens of thousands of employees, vehicles and assets. In addition to Nextel customers having the ability to locate, track and communicate with remote workers via Air-Trak’s dual-mode service, Nextel’s International Direct Connect walkie-talkie service can provide under-a-second digital two-way connections between the United States and Canada, Mexico, Brazil, Argentina and Peru, a tremendous benefit for customers who conduct cross-border business.

Originally posted on Fleet Financials