LOGAN TOWNSHIP, NJ — Mitsubishi Fuso announced on January 31 that it has introduced an optional split rear-view mirror for its medium-duty commercial trucks. The upper section of the mirror offers a generously sized, standard flat reflective surface, while the independently adjustable lower section provides a convex reflective surface that helps to eliminate driver blind spots. The mirror mounts on standard Mitsubishi Fuso quick-adjust support brackets, available for both left-hand and right-hand door installation. Adjustment involves only a couple of convenient steps. First, the driver adjusts the upper mirror for best view, and locks it in place on the support bracket with a standard wrench. The lower convex section can then be pivoted independently on the fixed support arm, until the "blind spot" is minimized or eliminated. The entire support bracket can be pivoted against the door in narrow spaces, and then pivoted back into working position without use of tools. A firm detent in the bracket pivot assures that the mirror returns to its adjusted location every time.

Originally posted on Fleet Financials