PASADENA, CA — California Congresswoman Mary Bono, a leading advocate of clean advanced transportation technologies, will address attendees at the WestStart Clean Heavy Duty Vehicle Conference welcoming reception on Tuesday evening, February 22. Congresswoman Bono is a leader in promoting hydrogen and fuel cell technologies and getting funding for their applications in transit buses. Conference sessions will focus on potential solutions and pathways to move us away from the existing "transportation as usual" attitude and into a cleaner, more efficient and secure energy paradigm. Sessions include:

  • The Challenges Reaching Beyond 2010 – challenges do not end after we reach 2010.
  • Update on Non-Road Vehicle Technologies – new federal regs and technologies to meet them.
  • Progress in Clean On-Road Vehicle Technologies – technologies keep pushing the envelope.
  • Advanced Technologies and Fuels for Buses – New This Year – With FTA Assoc. Administrator Barbara Sisson.
  • Engine OEM Panel on NOx Emissions Reductions for 2010 – high level OEM executives discuss solutions to NOx emissions beyond 2010.
  • Fuel Provider session on Transitioning to Cleaner Fuels – ready or not, cleaner fuels must be available to make advanced technologies perform cleaner, more efficiently.
  • Fleet Operators' Perspective on new Technologies and Fuels – so what do the fleet users think of all this and how have their experiences been?

    In addition to hearing about the technologies, attendees will be able to experience it as well at our technology exhibits and vehicle displays and Ride and Drive. Although the early registration discount is over, registration continues through the conference. Register today at:

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